Data Protection Statement

We consider cookies good with a nice cup of tea, but prefer a real biscuit however whilst enjoying this the protection of your privacy when using our websites is important to us.

Anonymous Data Collection

This website does not collect, process or use your personal data. You can visit this website without providing any personal data. We might get to know the name of your network provider, probably the referring website, and we might register the webpages you’re visiting within our websites. This information can be evaluated for statistical purposes, but you as an individual will remain anonymous.

Personal Data

Personal data are only collected, if you submit them voluntarily, e.g. if you want to access our data services or contact us via e-mail, register for events or other purposes. The data might be evaluated for statistical purposes, but duly anonymized.

Transfer of data

Personal data collected by this website will only be used to process the communications and interactions you requested. They will not be transferred to Third Parties. You can revoke your consent anytime for future use.

External Links,

External links provided on our website are only for your convenience. We do not control these external websites and cannot be held responsible for these third parties’ websites. The data protections assurances are only valid for our controlled websites.